Indoor Range

Our indoor range is open to the public. We have 9 lanes that will accommodate up to 3 people per lane (limited to 2 per lane during COVID 19 prevention). Range is open to all shooters over the age of 18. Children 12 yrs old or older are welcome when accompanied by a parent.

Ladies shooting time is free all day Wednesdays.

New hours for range for COVID 19 prevention

Range Hours:
 MON-SAT 10am-6pm SUNDAY 12pm-6pm

Range Fees:   1 Hour
1 Shooter   $19.75
2 Shooters   $27.75

Every 30 min. interval after the first hour is $5.00 per person


MACHINE GUN RENTALS (ammo sold sep) $35.00
22lr, 32,380,38spl $7.75
9mm,40 S&W,45acp $9.75
.357mag,44mag, 45LC $11.75
50AE $14.75
Rifle calibers 223,7.62 etc. $14.75
Annual: $295.00
Semi-Annual: $160.00
Range Time Free
Member’s Guest range time (same lane) 50%
Targets 50%
Ear & Eye Protection Rental 50%
Firearm Rentals 20%


Range open to Pistols and Rifles of most calibers

Range Limitations:

  • Shotguns with butt stocks only
  • No armor piercing or tracer ammo (green tip/steel tip/steel core)
  • Shotguns will shoot slugs only
  • No Shot shells or buck
  • No pistol grip shotguns
  • No Black Powder


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